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I was a student who have not good handwriting in English structure. Therefore, to readers of this blog, please correct my typing hands to repair joint. Thank\'s for attention and participation.

The Storiette of Me

July 10, 2010

I opened my eyes, and saw a speck of hope in the bedroom ventilation, light strip of life which seeks to illuminate every corner slit my room. I got up and walked slowly to the bathroom. Wash face, brush teeth and wash my face again. I looked at my face in the mirror. Plaintively asked me to empathize with him. He looked shabby and stress, there is a black bag under the senses sight. Glaring and slowly approached the mirror, I muttered.

“These Eyes ..! Eyes this! I would never cry again for him! Will not cry again for the love!”

Both my eyes and my heart was touched so touched by the determination that whether I can live it or not. Whatever happens I still have to be, because nobody is entitled to make me ruined unless I allow it. My eyes lit up, my vision began to blur and shadows. I immediately strengthened my heart. I held my crying is as strong as my energy. I closed and opened again both my eyelids, repeatedly. I will not cry anymore for him. I get out of the bathroom, and busied myself with other things. Read more…


Simple mind

March 23, 2010

Here I am, I never know about my real future. I just dream about all of my idea and always expect more than my ability. Oh my God (Allah SWT) Why never satisfy with your gift to me. Whereas, I got 4 activities around week in quantities: the first, I born to be a broadcaster and i begin it in my campus self. I really dreamed it to be a famous, professional, and can improve my english (speak, write, read, pronoun, etc.) from here, from announcer than i touched in community radio. So many experience, so many challenge, part time after lecture time and trow the bored minutes in everyday, just here. Second, I belong to HMI club, but I not so favorable over there. I listened about issue of bad habit from this extra activity than so anarchist when make a demo. I really do not like it, that’s not me!. Third, I got new job or more precisely teaching scout (primary school). That so proud. . to be continued.

Ordinary agenda

February 24, 2010

Fiuh, I get coldness that was i feeling cause any salivation come out from my hole nose. So disgusting. Well, this morning i have a agenda in group for make a background & borrow a camera. but the important one is not it, that is about opening to leadership basic trainning LK I bla-bla-bla organization. I hope, almost of list which planned last time can run as well as possible although i know cause i see, the followers was little and once more again, deep in little. It’s no matter than nothing. In fact, that was in standar equally year to years. just dig my spirit to make it success.

I’m beginner here

February 23, 2010

Tonight to much of rain again. I spent almost day with pleasure and good think that I always be happy. In the morning, as usual wake my body up so wash my face and hand in take ablution. Sometimes, much of bad illution or broke of mind cause you know what, every second which come and go make me being a madman. But for a while, I aware and so wanna giving a prize not enough just thank to change your condition into smile wide ( I haven’t brave heart to understand about God). Past time, I did wonderful destination a long life in ponorogo. I teached my sweetheart (not yet) for blogging. She really want to lern about that and I’m so Happy (not! Great Happiness) become tacher and her close friend (close chair). It’s blog like my other blog translate indonesia, inside it refer to diary season. I don’t know what i think until just it I can write here. But This I know, I really want to learn english in Writting.