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The Storiette of Me

July 10, 2010

I opened my eyes, and saw a speck of hope in the bedroom ventilation, light strip of life which seeks to illuminate every corner slit my room. I got up and walked slowly to the bathroom. Wash face, brush teeth and wash my face again. I looked at my face in the mirror. Plaintively asked me to empathize with him. He looked shabby and stress, there is a black bag under the senses sight. Glaring and slowly approached the mirror, I muttered.

“These Eyes ..! Eyes this! I would never cry again for him! Will not cry again for the love!”

Both my eyes and my heart was touched so touched by the determination that whether I can live it or not. Whatever happens I still have to be, because nobody is entitled to make me ruined unless I allow it. My eyes lit up, my vision began to blur and shadows. I immediately strengthened my heart. I held my crying is as strong as my energy. I closed and opened again both my eyelids, repeatedly. I will not cry anymore for him. I get out of the bathroom, and busied myself with other things.

The man, oh I was too lazy to call his name. Let’s just say he has no name. He was my first love, true love, and or other words that means that he loved me then.

Our relationship is very beautiful and fun, once again, this is my opinion at that time. Many months passed, time after time with him made me avoid another man who also loved me. I just trusted him, loved him sincerely, even every breath is a sincerity to sacrifice for him. This guy really made me understand how to love someone with all my soul.

All relief was only for a moment, until the time of saturation hug. He changed, and imagine the changes. Everything that cornered me, imagine!

Without the words, or maybe he has dumb. He left me alone. Disappeared like a ghost in the surveillance. My days began to mute, just like his mouth is silenced would be a certainty. I looked at anything in front of me, I’m talking to anyone who asks me, I smile when my friends appreciate the effort to cheer me up, I soften wet rain, I’m cold in the warm weary night, I even drought in the cool sunshine. I was devastated.

Many friends who are betrothed  me with another man who they think will suit me, but I still can not open a locked padlock in the corner of my heart. I became close to a closer relationship. I’m tired of it generated by tired, so over time, I will begin to show a good development. I became a listener in every troubled heart my friends. I became more understanding of their soul when faced with problems that had first felt and the first swallow a bitter-bitter. The wound was getting better. I re-enforce them should I heal my own heart, helping them more rigid and wider view of this life.

The more I know about life and meaning in my thinking capacity now, so I concluded A MAN CAN BE TOLD  GENTLEMAN WHEN HE CAN APPRECIATE A WOMAN. When I started thinking and developing, I find many gifts that have been neglected, I am thankful to Allah Almighty with all my heart that is now being smiled gratefully. Alhamdulillah …

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